#9 Semla, Skarsgård and Melodifestivalen

Shaena, from Canada, gives tips on finding a job in Sweden and minimizing the winter blues by watching Melodifestivalen. We also discuss the greatest pastry ever made – the semla!

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4 Replies to “#9 Semla, Skarsgård and Melodifestivalen”

  1. Harald Kjellson-Freij

    Thanks for a nice show! Regarding “Ingen ko på isen”, it’s short for the full phrase “Ingen ko på isen så länge rumpan är på land”, translating roughly to “No cow’s on the ice as long as the ass is on the shore”. It means that there’s no reason to worry (or at least to panic), as the situation is still somewhat under control. A positively fantastic expression!

    On a side note, my dad thought for a very long time that the expression should be interpreted in the same way as “Ropa inte hej förrän du kommit över bron” (“Don’t shout hey/hurray until you’ve passed the bridge”), meaning that you shouldn’t celebrate until you’ve finished the complete task, even if it looks promising (quite similar to “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”). I love the picture of someone pushing a cow out on the ice (WHY?!), starting celebrating too early even though the cow still has its buttocks on the shore.

    //Harald, Göteborg

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