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  • #77 Cash, Card or Gold?

    We talk to Tamara, who just arrived 4 months ago. She’s lived in Bosnia, Libya, UK and Dubai! How does Sweden measure up?

  • Bacon shortage! Worst in decades!

    With all the terrible news around the world, and now this.

  • #43 Don’t Shake the Baby

    Jarrett, from Calgary, thinks you people are WEAK! You want to see a real winter? Come to Calgary. He also shares some expat stories from when he was a villain […]

  • #40 Expat Superpowers

    Luis, who grew up in Spain, talks a bit about his birth country Costa Rica (watch out for alligators), swimming at Saltsjöbaden (fun to swim in, hard to say) and […]

  • #39 Fifty Dollars for 2 Boxes of Chex

    Sarah, from Wisconson, just wants a Target, good BBQ and affordable chocolate chips. Is that really too much to ask?

  • #38 Cinnamon Buns the Size of Your Head

    Today we chat with Nicole, from Massachusetts, about the terror of grocery shopping in another language, tricks for not having to speak, recycling and Cinnamon Bun day!

  • #37 Superstitions and Air Raid Sirens

    Pinar, from Turkey, joins us on this week’s episode when we talk about superstitions, air raid sirens and chain restaurants that might or might not be Turkish.

  • #36 Cafe Culture and Neighbors

    Olga, from Ukraine, talks about Ukrainian vs. Swedish cafe culture, getting to know your neighbors through fake traditions, and the beauty of rules, among other things.

  • #35 The Backpacker Who Moved to Sweden

    We talk with author Patrick Hamilton Walsh about his travels, how he found himself in Sweden, and his new book “Forgive Me, Sister.”

  • #9 Semla, Skarsgård and Melodifestivalen

    Shaena, from Canada, gives tips on finding a job in Sweden and minimizing the winter blues by watching Melodifestivalen. We also discuss the greatest pastry ever made – the semla! […]

  • Important questions in an election

    We had elections here in Sweden yesterday. I was reading the morning paper which had a section where they ask people on the street “What do you think is the […]

  • Cell phone conversations in public

    I found myself embellishing my cell phone conversation yesterday for the entertainment of my fellow subway passengers. My husband and I had a discussion about Halloween and my frustration with […]