A Knuckle Sandwich for Breakfast, dear?

I punched my husband in the face this morning. Right in the nose!

Of course, I thought he was some weirdo trying to attack me in a hotel.

Yes, I was dreaming and my husband’s face was unfortunately positioned in a perfect punching position. On the positive side, I’ve never been able to punch anyone in my dreams, my arms are always too weak, so this is an improvement. Gotta look at the positive side. Oh wait, maybe this is very much NOT an improvement for my husband.

I realized this morning that for all my complaining that I can’t sleep on the nights my husband snores, he just may have a better reason to complain about interrupted sleep.

I occasionally suffer from night terrors. I will shake and scream in the middle of the night to call for help when I’m being chased or attacked in my dreams. Obviously, this wakes up my husband, who is nice enough to calm me down and get me back to sleep while he stays awake another hour, because who goes back to sleep after blood-curdling screams? (Besides me.)  Of course, he was not kind enough to help me back to sleep this morning after I punched him in the nose, which I suppose I might deserve.

So I’m going to have to lay low on the complaints about snoring for at least a week.

I just had a thought. Maybe my punch in the nose cured the snoring!

Always look at the positive in life, I say.




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  1. Snuva

    Wow. Being married to you is a contact sport! Perhaps next time you visit the US you should get American football helmut and padding for him to sleep in?

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