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  • A Knuckle Sandwich for Breakfast, dear?

    I punched my husband in the face this morning. Right in the nose! Of course, I thought he was some weirdo trying to attack me in a hotel. Yes, I […]

  • Jet-lag

    Give me a few days people.

  • Boston

    We’re currently in Boston for the first time. As I’m scheduling this before we leave, I have nothing real to write about the place yet other than I’m hoping we […]

  • Reasons my kids won’t go to sleep

    Here are the reasons the kids wouldn’t go to sleep just for last night: 1. Thirsty 2. Thought they heard someone playing a computer game. 3. Had an idea for […]

  • Am I too cynical?

    I have to read food news for my job. The headline for one said, “Make your own cheese with only 2 ingredients!” I do that all the time. Milk and […]

  • Hibernation

    When are the scientists going to realize that people in northern countries should really just hibernate all winter?

  • Back to the grind

    Today most Swedes go back to work from the holidays.  The subways and buses will be full of bleary-eyed people chugging coffee and wondering where all those mornings in bed […]

  • Welcome to my nightmare

    I had a dream last night that I was suddenly 33 years old.  “Wow,” I thought, “Time really flies.  I didn’t realize I was this old already.” Then I woke […]

  • Nap time

    I was reading an article in the paper earlier this week about activities on the subway.  Five people were polled regarding what they like to do while riding the subway. […]