Adult vs. 6 year old

Yesterday’s exchange with my 6 year old son explains why the kids are running late to school most days:

Me:  Max, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Max:  I am not Max, I am Alpha Rex.

Me: Alpha Rex, put your dishes in the dishwasher.

Max:  Alpha Rex does not have that program.

Me:  (push buttons) Now he does. Alpha Rex put your dishes up!

Max:  Alpha Rex has no control pad.

Me:  Yes he does, I glued it on.

Max:  Glue does not stick to Alpha Rex.

Me:  Yes it does because I put an invisible force field on it.

Max:  Alpha Rex has no program for dishes. Only cannons.

Me:  Then use your cannons to put up the dishes.

Max:  Alpha Rex does not compute.

(I really don’t remember how the rest of it went, just that at some point  my husband told me I couldn’t win against a 6 yr old and I think I told him that Alpha Rex doesn’t need toys so I’ll just remove them and then the dishes were put away.)


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  1. mikemajor9

    Ha-ha! Been there. Done that… more or less. It’s so true – you try to work with them in these situations sometimes – but it seems like it almost always has to come down to threat of punishment. I have to say though – his responses were fantastic, the boy is clearly pretty darn sharp 🙂

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