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  • Lazy dad

    Upon learning that Alexander the Great conquered Persia and Egypt before the age of 25, my youngest son said, “Ugh. Pappa’s already 41 and he doesn’t rule ANY countries.”

  • Problems with telekinetic children

    There are so many things about raising children that people don’t tell you.   This was the argument between my 6 and 9 year old this morning: 6: Stop reading my […]

  • And now… Advantages to having a 9 year old

    1. Always up-to-date on the latest novelty songs. Mamma, what does the fox say?  HAHAHAHA! 2. Learn lots of new medical facts. Did you know that you pee 5 deciliters […]

  • Adult vs. 6 year old

    Yesterday’s exchange with my 6 year old son explains why the kids are running late to school most days: Me:  Max, put your dishes in the dishwasher. Max:  I am […]