Coffee Cow

A few summers ago as we were relaxing at a Swedish “beach,” a man came around wearing a white backpack with black spots and a hose attached.  He was “THE COFFEE COW.”  His special backpack was full of coffee and he would fill you up right there on the beach for a low price.  My husband thought this was the most genius idea he had ever seen.

However, you have to understand that:

1. Swedes are crazy about coffee.

2. For some reason, coffee at the “beach” just works here.

The reason this is on my mind is because I saw a girl yesterday morning doing the same thing at the subway station.  Now THAT’s a genius idea!  In my opinion, it fits better than at the beach.

Coffee Cow wouldn’t go over well on Gulf Coast beaches where I come from.

But a Margarita Cow?  Now you’re talking.


2 Replies to “Coffee Cow”

  1. Sartenada

    I love this post. Our family is “heavy” coffee drinker. We Finns drink more coffee than Swedes. Finns drink 12,2 kg and Swedes drink only 7.4 kg in a year.

    In Finland we think our environment and thus we recycle empty coffee bags. Okay this sounds normal, but we make bags and hand bags from them.

    Here my wife shows how it happens:

    Bags from empty coffee bags.

    Maybe You could start also reuse / recycle empty coffee bags. 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • hjonasson

      I didn’t know Finland consumed for coffee than Sweden. That’s hard to imagine! 🙂 cool about the coffee bags though. I might have to try that!

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