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  • Coffee Cow

    A few summers ago as we were relaxing at a Swedish “beach,” a man came around wearing a white backpack with black spots and a hose attached.  He was “THE […]

  • Collection ATM

    I saw this last month at a church.  It’s a ”Collect-o-mat.”  So if you don’t have any bills or coins for collection, they take cards! Modern church.  

  • Taco Bell – expensive eatin’

    I’ve been having to do some food research lately for work and I came across this article on Business Insider about Taco Bell’s new “Low-end menu.”  “Taco Bell’s new “low […]

  • Starting a company is better with a lot of money – who knew?!

    I’m starting my own company to translate documents from Swedish to English.  (send me your business — now that’s enough for the commercial).  So I went down to my favorite […]