October 11, 2012


In Stockholm, there are always people in the morning handing out the Metro, which is a free newspaper.  It’s nice to have it handed to you, as everyone is usually running to a train.

But now I have become spoiled.

Lately, about once a week, these same people also hand out a free product from a company.  I assume the company has made some deal with advertising in Metro.  Sometimes it’s a breakfast cereal, sometimes a snack bar.  The other day it was travel toothpaste.  Excellent!  I needed more of that.

Some days it gets strange.  In the spring I was handed an ice cream bar – at 6:30 in the morning.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for a free ice cream, but this was really the wrong time.

Because I get so many free things, I have started to get angry when there are no handouts.  I know this is not right, but they have spoiled me too much.  I also get angry if the handout is something I cannot use.  So Metro advertisers, here is  a list of acceptable handouts:

1. chocolate
2. pastry treats
3. more chocolate

As you see, there is a theme to the free items that I want.  Get with the program, Metro.  Happy readers have happy stomachs filled with chocolate.  But please not in ice cream form before 10am.



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4 Responses

  1. odilets says:

    you make me laugh! 🙂
    I love how straightforward you are:)
    Hopefully you’ll have more handouts!

    • hjonasson says:

      Thank you! There was nothing again today! They’re falling behind. I’m placing my hopes on Friday. I could use another travel toothpaste. 🙂

      • odilets says:

        Hopefully that will happen! Seems like it’s already Christmas haha…

        and, how do you like Sweden? and the Swedes?

  2. hjonasson says:

    The Swedes are generally great and usually very honest. It takes a while to get to know some of them. Sweden is beautiful in the summer. However, I do not hold the same opinion for it in November, January and February (December gets a pass because of the pretty Christmas decorations).
    It’s a great place, but they need to shorten their winter. 🙂