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  • Strange moments

    Sometimes when I sit on the subway with my headphones blasting music, I hear a mumble of the driver announcing something from the speakers. Everyone looks around and then we […]

  • Swedish Television

    This is a popular topic of mine.  I don’t often watch regular t.v. and when I do, I remember why I don’t. Today’s complaint – A new show about the […]

  • Riding the subway on a Saturday night

    I really wouldn’t know anything about the above title.  I’m not insane enough to ride the subway on a Saturday night.

  • Freebies

    In Stockholm, there are always people in the morning handing out the Metro, which is a free newspaper.  It’s nice to have it handed to you, as everyone is usually […]

  • Nap time

    I was reading an article in the paper earlier this week about activities on the subway.  Five people were polled regarding what they like to do while riding the subway. […]