Going to movies in other countries

This weekend, my husband and I were in Berlin.  While he was at a work function, I decided to check out a movie.  I found a theater that ran movies in the original language, bought a ticket and took a seat.  Here is what I noticed:

1. The movie theater doesn’t take credit cards.  This seems to be a big problem in Germany.  Happens everywhere we go.  Restaurants, taxis, movies….  It’s 2013 Germany!  Get with the program!

2. The German commercials are terrifying.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for insurance or butter.  The images jump out at you and it’s scary.

3. After a few commercials, there was an ad for ice cream.  After the ad, the lights came back on and a girl (like the old cigarette girls) came out with her box and said, “Ice cream?  Anyone for ice cream?”  The Americans behind me whispered, “Does the chocolate bar girl come out next?”