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  • #46 Have Yourself a Merry Lidl Christmas

    Carolin, born in East Berlin, fills us in on the similarities and differences between Sweden and Germany. We also discuss Christmas television culture.

  • I wrote a new book!

    I have a new book out! (also available on Amazon.co.uk) ! http://amzn.com/1530292964 or http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1530292964 How would you act if you accidentally arrived with your extended family on a nude beach […]

  • Suicide Circus

    Worst Circus ever.

  • Going to movies in other countries

    This weekend, my husband and I were in Berlin.  While he was at a work function, I decided to check out a movie.  I found a theater that ran movies […]

  • Berlin Hotels Continued

    Here’s what I got when I tried to click on “rooms” at a hotel in Berlin. Yep.  That’s pretty much what I think of when I think of Germany.  Especially […]

  • Berlin hotels

    Next month, my husband and I will be going to Berlin over a weekend.  It’s my job to find the hotel.  I have lots of nice suggestions, but my husband […]