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  • #68 Ingen reklam, tack

    Today we talk about postal delays, movie theaters re-opening and aqueducts. We also shine a spotlight on Håverud.

  • Let’s go to the movies!

    Apparently, some theaters are open again in Stockholm! Not very many, but a few. There are maybe about 10 movies playing in the whole city, but one of them is […]

  • A passion for chainsaws

    These job ads get more specific every day. Today’s copywriting ad states that they would prefer an applicant who is really into chainsaws. If I come dressed as this guy, […]

  • Little Shop of Horrors – Alternate ending

    So I decided to show my youngest son one of my favorite movies since I was 11 – “Little Shop of Horrors.” I’ve watched it many times over the years […]

  • Paris – hunchbacks, cats and old robots

    We are taking the kids to Paris today! It will be their first time there. I’ve been trying to prepare them for the past few weeks with movies about Paris. […]

  • Magpies

    Watched the Hunger Games recently.  They use a bird called “The Mockingjay” with a sweet song to lead their revolution. They could have used Magpies, like the ones right outside […]

  • The Fugitive

    Almost all of my knowledge about Chicago is based on “The Fugitive.”  However, my husband doesn’t think it’s funny that at every restaurant and museum, I walk up to the […]

  • Subtitles

    I like that Sweden subtitles their movies and keeps them in the original language.  The only thing that’s annoying is that we all read the subtitles before the actor says […]

  • They’ve done it again!

    First Spotify, then Amazon…. now the kids have gotten into my Netflix account and changed all the settings!  I worked for weeks cultivating the perfect system for recommendations.  I rated […]

  • Going to movies in other countries

    This weekend, my husband and I were in Berlin.  While he was at a work function, I decided to check out a movie.  I found a theater that ran movies […]

  • Airline movies

    We are taking our summer vacation soon, so that means it’s time to check the in-flight entertainment guide for the plane! I’m hoping since we live in 2013 that we […]

  • Oblivion

    Saw the movie “Oblivion” last week. My question….  Why is it that in every movie I watch, when the couple has a romantic scene on top of the Empire State […]

  • Movies

    I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and […]