Halloween costumes

Next week is fall break here in Stockholm – much like spring break, but in the fall…. yeah, you get it.  Anyway, because so many kids are going to be out of school next week, most kids get to wear their costumes to school today (Friday).

I have tried to convince my children to dress up as insurance salesmen, but they aren’t going for it.  I really thought it would be simple and we have a lot of ties.  I do have to praise my youngest who offered to be Bruce Wayne instead of Batman.  Good boy.

As for myself, I’m going as a vampire or zombie – depends on how the makeup turns out.  The rest of the building will believe I am a typical Halloween monster, but I know the truth.  My outift symbolizes the blood drained from my system in a soul-crushing workplace where we all must follow orders like mindless zombies.  But when my boss asks, I’m Dracula.