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  • image shows a swedish graveyard on all saints day

    #111 Brexpat

    We talk to Luke from Essex in the UK about southern Sweden, Halloween and All Saints Day.

  • The Swedish Halloween report

    From having no pumpkins or celebrations for kids when I moved to Sweden over 20 years ago, Halloween has improved.As reported in previous years, trick-or-treating has resulted in: money, candy […]

  • My favorite Halloween comic strip this year…

    … comes from Poorly Drawn Lines.

  • Trying once again to explain Halloween to Swedes

    Listen to the latest bonus episode of our expat podcast as we make our yearly attempt to explain Halloween and Day of the Dead to the country of Sweden. Available […]

  • #41 Listen or the Babaroga Will Get You

    It’s the time of year for Serbian tales of vampires, the Babaroga and Nikola Tesla! Jelena fills us in on this, plus we discuss the Swedish birthday song and ‘Swedish […]

  • Another tale of Swedish trick-or-treat

    My son’s friend went trick-or-treating with his sister last weekend (because in Sweden, Halloween is 2 weeks for some reason). The Swedes are still learning how Halloween works, which leads […]

  • Stakeholders

    Every time I read a job ad that includes any mention of “stakeholders,” I just think of an angry mob chasing Dracula and then I forget what the job was […]

  • Wrong season, I know…

    … but my son just told me this weekend about what happened when he went trick-or-treating this year in Stockholm for Halloween. I guess he forgot to mention it before. […]

  • Victorian Halloween

    Sometimes I think it must have been terrifying to live in Victorian times just based on their holiday cards.

  • Kids don’t like my costume suggestions

    It’s Halloween time again. I found these great costumes from the 70s for our kids to wear. Apparently, they are refusing on the grounds of: “We have no idea who […]

  • A Swedish Halloween

    Happy Halloween all! We had a Halloween dinner last night at a friends’ house and the kids got to go trick-or-treating. That’s right – LAST NIGHT, October 30. But this […]

  • Halloween in Stockholm

    When I arrived in Stockholm 2000 they hardly knew what Halloween was. But today I give you – Halloween Globen! (One of our stadiums).  It even lights up orange and […]

  • Trick or treating – the Swedish report

    We actually got invited to another Swedish/American couple’s house yesterday for a Halloween dinner plus trick or treating with their kids.  It was wonderful!  Finally my kids got a fun […]

  • Halloween is the 31st!

    As usual, I like to complain each year about Sweden not understanding that Halloween is one day, not a week or 2 weeks.  It also never falls in November. Most […]

  • Candy Corn = Gold

    There are a few things for an American in Sweden that equal gold.  This would be Velveeta cheese and candy corn.  (Not together, but hmm… I wonder….) I just got […]

  • Halloween

    This is a message for the Swedes – HALLOWEEN IS OCTOBER 31 !  IT IS ONLY ONE DAY AND IT IS ALWAYS OCTOBER 31. When I first moved here twelve […]

  • Cell phone conversations in public

    I found myself embellishing my cell phone conversation yesterday for the entertainment of my fellow subway passengers. My husband and I had a discussion about Halloween and my frustration with […]

  • Halloween costumes

    Next week is fall break here in Stockholm – much like spring break, but in the fall…. yeah, you get it.  Anyway, because so many kids are going to be […]