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  • I’d love to have a glass, but I’m the designated driver

    At a party a few weeks ago where I happened to be the designated driver, this was one of the drinks served. I chose the right party to volunteer to […]

  • #33 Swedes Explain – Crawfish parties

    You may have noticed the large number of crawfish napkins, plates, hats and lamps in every store lately. Well, on this summer edition of Swedes Explain, Tobias fills us in […]

  • Parent tip

    Next time your kids have a party, introduce the “phone bowl!” Works great for having guests actually interact with each other!

  • A quiet New Year’s Eve

    I’m not sure if it’s age or lack of sun, but almost everyone I know in Stockholm (including me) just wants to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve with their […]

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Sure, the green nail polish felt summery and fresh until the lady at the party offered me a napkin so I could “get that avacado dip off” my nails.

  • Grocery shopping in Texas

    On our recent trip to Texas, I was in the grocery store buying a vegetable platter for a party. The man in line ahead of me bore a great resemblance […]

  • Indoor Play Centers – A 2-hour Lord of the Flies Experience

    This past weekend, my child was invited to a birthday party at an indoor play center. These centers are great, especially in places like Sweden where we don’t always have […]

  • HORRORtines!

    My son is going to a party at his school this evening.  No, it’s not a Valentine’s party.  Because this is Friday the 13th, it’s a HORRORtine’s party!  What a […]

  • Duck bachelors

    Every day I walk on the edge of a nature reserve near our neighborhood.  For 3 years, now a pair of Mallard ducks have made their spring/summer residence in a […]

  • Let’s make party

    We are soon staying in an apartment on vacation through AirBnB – a website where people can rent out their apartments.  I was just checking the one we chose to […]

  • I got one year left to be in my 30s, starting….NOW!

    Today is my birthday.  I’m 39 years old.  I have one more year to check off the boxes on forms that say 30-39. Goals for age 39: 1. Get carded […]

  • Halloween is the 31st!

    As usual, I like to complain each year about Sweden not understanding that Halloween is one day, not a week or 2 weeks.  It also never falls in November. Most […]

  • Halloween costumes

    Next week is fall break here in Stockholm – much like spring break, but in the fall…. yeah, you get it.  Anyway, because so many kids are going to be […]

  • Party in Aisle 3

    This past weekend I went to a book-release party in the book department of a department store.  This has to be the strangest place I’ve ever been for a party. […]

  • TAKE IT!

    One of the cultural differences I noticed when I moved to Sweden is that Swedes will never take the last of anything.  If you attend a Swedish party, by the […]