Historical Journaling

Two years ago, I got one of those 5 year journals where you have about 5 lines to write on the same page each year to compare what you did the years before.  Sometimes it’s interesting to see that it snowed last April, but this year you’re in shorts.

I was looking at last year’s entry for today.  “Nothing on Netflix. Ate cookie.”

I wonder if this will be an important historic document in years to come.  Netflix won’t be around 50 years from now.  Maybe I’ll seem disgusting for eating a cookie.  Maybe this accurately captures day-to-day life in the 2010’s.

Well, it COULD be important.


4 Replies to “Historical Journaling”

  1. Rhino House

    Actually eating a cookie sounds like exactly the type of remembrance worth recording. So much better than “Today I took my first steps as a serial killer.”

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