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Ah, the Swedish news.  This is fairly calm country so it’s always fun to read the news stories.  Now you may say that this is a obbery and therefore not calm, but strangely there are many bank or jewelry store robberies and usually no one is hurt, but the robberies themselves are always quite creative.  I think the Swedish people watch so many Hollywood movies that they feel crimes should be commited as if they are in an entertaining film.
Today’s story from The Local is right in time for the holidays.  One person went inside a jewelry store while another dressed as Santa Claus stayed outside to distract people from going into the store.

The best part though is the person inside, which they believe to be a man in heavy makeup.  I liked the quote from the employee:

“His make-up was very well done, with blackened eyebrows and very long eyelashes,” the jeweller told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

“I figured that he must have had help from a woman because the make up was so well done.”

Great reporting there guys!  It doesn’t sound much like the woman was scared of the robbery, but more jealous of the makeup skills.  I have visions of her complimenting the robber and asking what brand of mascara he uses.

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