It’s coming…

Starbucks is finally coming to Stockholm.  For the past 2 years, (or more?) we in Stockholm have had to book a flight at the airport to get into the only Starbucks in Stockholm, which lies behind the x-ray machines at Arlanda airport.

There have been rumors for years, but it finally looks like it’s going to happen.  Many of us are very excited.  My husband and I always seek out Starbucks when we are on vacation in another country.  It’s one of our traveling treats.  However, I bet that once Starbucks is available here, we won’t even bother much with after a couple of months.  It was the same when Ben & Jerry’s came.  We went crazy with all the flavors the first few months, but now we pick it up just a few times a year.

So now could we please get a Papa John’s, Luby’s and about 10 great Mexican restaurants so I can get tired of those as well?

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