Work today was disturbing.

In my employment as a community manager, part of my job is looking up food tech companies to recruit for an upcoming event. Today I found one called The Soylent Corporation.  I’m not kidding.  It’s in Forbes and CrunchBase as a real company.

“…creating an engineered staple food designed to solve food quality and shortage.”

I think we all know what the “engineered staple food” is.  Yep, that will solve food shortage all right.

Update to this post: Apparently the company is simply called Soylent, not that it makes it any less suspicious in my mind. Also, they do address the issue of the famous movie on their website and assure customers that Soylent is not people. But I kind of feel like if you work for a company that has to state that it’s not grinding up people for food on their ‘about’ page, you should probably be on your best behaviour while working and maybe even begin to look for employment elsewhere. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 13.34.35

image shows screenshot of Soylent website explaining that their food is definitely not made of people.

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