Little Shop of Horrors – Alternate ending

So I decided to show my youngest son one of my favorite movies since I was 11 – “Little Shop of Horrors.” I’ve watched it many times over the years including last year with his older brother on the DVD I bought in the 90s. Well, my husband got new Blu-Ray versions of everything to put on our Apple TV and it seems he got the new release of the movie – the “everybody dies” ending that was rejected in the 80s.

As my son and I were watching, I was thinking, “I don’t remember Audrey dying.” Then the plant ate Seymour. “I really don’t remember this part.” And then the plants took over the whole world and ate everyone. The end. So it looks like I got to see a surprise new movie today too. Sorry ’bout that son! They lived when I was little!

I mean I always knew they all die in the black and white 60s version and the musical. but it was always safe and fun in the Frank Oz directed 1986 version. Wow. I mean, it was fine and my son loved it, it was just totally unexpected for me. I thought I was losing my memory at first.  Anyway, very interesting. Never knew. I wonder what other much-loved movies have changed their endings and how many more surprises I have in store for me re-watching old favorites.