My stock photo workmates

At my job, I have to choose a lot of stock photos to put on webpages. I only have permission to use the free photos on one site, so it’s constantly the same people in every photo.

I’ve found myself starting to hate them.

They all have names and backgrounds in my head. I’m so tired of looking at them and their fake faces. They always do the same things. There’s never any new photos.

Let me introduce you:

Green-shirt Jimmy, 80s-Hair Erik, Maroon Marsha, Not Kenny Rogers, Barbie and Clone Beard.
Judy is the lady who didn’t get a chair.
Judy might have changed her glasses and Clone Beard changed his shirt, but they don’t fool me. Also, what is 80s-Hair Erik doing with his hand on Maroon Marsha’s shoulder? Bad touch!
Barbie is very disturbed by something Not Kenny Rogers has shown her on his laptop.
What?! They were doctors all along?

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