Our visit to the doctor’s office

My youngest son got a tick in his head this weekend. It was removed by a camp doctor but unfortunately, the head broke off and is stuck. So my son has a tick head in his own head.

He said, “It’s a good thing it’s not like that cartoon I watched where these creatures enter your head and take over your brain.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re not controlled by some evil creature,” I replied.

He looked up at me with a creepy smile and said, “Or am I?”

So he’s taking this quite well.

Anyway, the school nurse also tried to get it out with no luck and recommended we visit the “närakuten” which is like a mild form of emergency room. It’s not like a ‘your leg is falling off’ emergency room, but more like a ‘you got the flu after 3pm and couldn’t make a normal doctor appointment’ kind of emergency room.

After a 30 minute wait for our number, we were foiled by the evil receptionist. When I told her my son had a tick head that broke off and we needed it removed, she snapped, “Just go home and do it yourself!”

Gee, it never occured to me to simply not subject myself to 30 minutes in a disease filled waiting room and just do it myself!

I told her that both a camp doctor and a school nurse had advised us to go to the doctor. She said, “Ugh, fine let me see it.”  My son showed her. “Nope. Just go home and figure it out. NEXT!”

I tried to explain what happened to my husband, but felt I wasn’t getting the story across properly, so I was inspired to illustrate our experience. I think I captured it pretty accurately. What do you think?


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