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  • Nice try, local doctor’s office

    I had to look up my doctor’s name to get a prescription filled yesterday so I went to my local clinic’s webpage to find a list of doctors. I got […]

  • Our visit to the doctor’s office

    My youngest son got a tick in his head this weekend. It was removed by a camp doctor but unfortunately, the head broke off and is stuck. So my son […]

  • image shows a cartoon mole

    Please remove this creature

    I wrote the doctor here in Sweden to make an appointment to have a mole removed. I may have mis-translated.

  • Swedish efficiency

    Went to the doctor yesterday to have a mole checked out.  The entire appointment took 1 minute. “Looks fine.  Come back if it gets darker. Bye.” 200 kr (30 dollars).  […]

  • No one here but us chickens

    Leo has the chicken pox this week.  At the moment it is my turn to be home with him a couple of days.  Lucky for me, this is also the […]

  • Waiting room

    Don’t you hate it when you’re in the waiting room for the doctor and the only thing to look at is the giant poster on the wall that says, “Let […]