Party in Aisle 3

This past weekend I went to a book-release party in the book department of a department store.  This has to be the strangest place I’ve ever been for a party.  I’m fairly sure that whoever runs the department store must have realized that everyone would be using books for coasters and potato chip plates.  Even stranger was that there were 2 bands performing.  This was not a bookstore or a large book section; it was a small crowded book department.  The screaming singer was crawling on the floor between the displays for Fifty Shades of Grey and Pokémon Adventures (an odd combination to have next to each other anyway – but maybe not….. I haven’t read either).   It really took away from the atmosphere they were trying to create.

I started wondering how you could ruin other parties just by location.  Nobel award dinner at McDonald’s?  80th birthday party at a butcher store?  Retirement party at the pharmacy?  For myself, I’m planning my 40th at the airport security line.