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  • No politics at all !

    Just reminding everyone that I have a new book out – “As Long as I Have My Own Bathroom” – which is great summer reading while you’re on vacation, but […]

  • 30 Days of Cauliflower Recipes

    Amazon just recommended a book for me called “30 Days of Cauliflower Recipes.” Not sure if this is a cookbook or a fictional story about month-long starvation and torture. Photo: […]

  • Non- fiction means REAL

    I’m currently looking for a book for my dad.  I chose the category of NON-fiction from the Target website.  Included in this section is Stephen King’s book “11/22/63.” I read […]

  • Party in Aisle 3

    This past weekend I went to a book-release party in the book department of a department store.  This has to be the strangest place I’ve ever been for a party. […]

  • More lovely pictures

    Speaking of pictures from books, this one is my husband’s favorite:

  • Bad Monkey

    I read a lot of children’s books to my kids and it’s always fun when you find interesting pictures in them.  Sometimes the illustrator likes to hide funny things in […]