Podcast season finale episode

Before we take our summer break on our podcast about expats in Sweden, we talk to Anna, from Russia. She talks with us about Sweden’s taco problem, Stockholm vs. Gothenburg and about the only thing to look forward to this summer – ice cream.

As usual, we are recording remotely due to social distancing, so please forgive the sound quality. I assure you, the content is worth it!


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5 Replies to “Podcast season finale episode”

  1. whatsnonfiction

    Ugh, so much of Europe has a taco problem. Although missing Mexican food was basically what forced me into learning how to cook when I lived in Europe, so there’s that. Must check this one out!

    • hjonasson

      Yes! We usually make our own by using some of the specialty stores that import spices. This country has finally discovered proper Italian (Naples) pizza, proper American hamburgers (overpriced, but tasty), but they just never quite get the tacos. We do have some Mexicans who opened up a place with the correct tacos, but it’s more of a lunch/light meal place with only tacos. So far it’s the best place we have.

      • whatsnonfiction

        I finally started doing the same, just making my own spice blends from the international supermarkets. At the beginning of the time I was in Vienna, where I lived the longest, cheddar cheese was actually really tricky to come by. That eventually changed and it got more common and affordable but queso blanco is nonexistent. I’m glad you finally got good pizza and burgers! I’ve only been to Stockholm once and I just remember everything seeming so expensive, I can only imagine what they’d charge for food with unusual ingredients.

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