Seat saving criminals

Italy is now handing out fines to people who hog beach space by setting up umbrellas and towels overnight in order to have prime space in the morning, or people who take up way too much space with empty towels and chairs waiting on friends who may not be coming for hours.

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I think this is a great policy!

The next move is to extend these fines to school performances. Every year at my youngest son’s Christmas and End-of-School performances, parents fight like they’re trying to board a RyanAir plane to get the best seats and then proceed to throw jackets over about 5 other chairs for grandmothers, aunts and angry teenagers who didn’t even want to come in the first place.

Didn’t we learn this lesson back in elementary school as students?  No saving seats!  If a 5-year old can understand, so can a 35-year old.

I say, a €200 fine for each seat with a jacket thrown over it, plus that family has to make all the snacks for the next performance.


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