Snow Chaos!!!!

The news reported yesterday that we were going to get a little snowstorm today with another foot of snow.  It’s been advised that people should stay indoors if possible and prepare for delays on public transportation.  Everything was calm this morning, but I think the mini-blizzard has begun.  It’s looking bad outside the window and it’s hard to watch knowing I have to go out in it in a couple of hours.  The only good thing about these little snowstorms (besides watching them from indoors with a cup of hot chocolate) is that the Swedish news calls it “SNOW CHAOS!” (Snökaos!)  I think that’s a much better word than snowstorm.  Much more dramatic.  When you hear snowstorm, you think lots of snow blowing all around.  When you think of snow chaos, you imagine people blowing away in the air, roofs torn off buildings, traffic jams and everyone losing their minds.   Or at least that’s how I picture it.

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