Sure, I’ll join your club!

A letter came yesterday from the pharmacy. There was a letter congratulating me on joining the pharmacy club plus 2 coupons. My husband asked, “When and why did you join the pharmacy club?” I replied, “I didn’t.”

But after thinking about it, I realized what had happened. It was yet another case of language failure.

A week ago I wasn’t feeling well and went to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine. I wasn’t really concentrating and I heard the pharmacist say something about “discount” in Swedish. Since I was only half-listening, I assumed she said my medicine was on discount so I just smiled and nodded – the practice that always seems to get me in trouble when faking that I understood someone.

This time it ended up in a subscription to the pharmacy club. Luckily it doesn’t cost anything. They just send coupons and as my husband says, “lots of spam.”

On the bright side, I’m using my 20% coupon for some vitamin D today.


2 Replies to “Sure, I’ll join your club!”

  1. Kevin

    Ah, the grip of the mighty corporation wins again! But look on the bright side…20% is a nice bonus! Hope you feel better and nice photo!

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