I did some shopping at a “Vintage” store the other day. I found 3 things that I used to own.  That’s just not right. I’m not that old. These were things from the 1980s.  How can that be vintage? Vintage should be the 20s – 60s. Not tacky see-through green sun visors that I wore on my trip to Disneyworld.

I also found one of my old skirts and an awful jacket I used to wear. I better start saving my current clothes. I’ll probably be able to sell those to the Vintage store by next month.


5 Replies to “Vintage”

  1. Geraint Isitt

    I think I had one of these in blue. Quality head gear. Classic rock stations are now playing stuff from the 90s. The 90s!

    • hjonasson

      Exactly! I’m too young to be seeing the clothes I used to own in these stores. Of course now I’m thinking I should save everything I’m wearing now. Feels like it will be vintage in just 5 years at the rate things are going.

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