Taxes in Sweden

Got my tax form from the Swedish government today so that I can file income tax.  The form already says what I made.  If I think it looks good, I just check it off and send it back.  If I’m too lazy to go to a mailbox, I can send a text message that it all looks right to me.

U.S. taxes (that I still must file even though I haven’t lived there for 14 years and my income is below any payment amount):  More than one form of several pages where I must do all sorts of math, plus things like, “if a =b, then go to line c, if line c is greater than line m, fill in additional form 352-A or 352-B if you are taller than 6 feet.”

And of course for me living abroad and making the equvilent to a person washing windows under a bridge, it all equals 0, but I’m required to do the math and turn it in anyway.  Hey, U.S., here’s an idea.  Form 42 – If you live in a foreign country and earn less than $80,000, check this box and send it back.  Thanks!”

Get a computer U.S.  It’s 2014.