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  • #59 Vegetables are Green Things

    Zayna, from California, enjoys the literal translations of Swedish words, like grönsaker, gives us some tips on Västerås and discusses the differences between college in California and Stockholm. Also, why […]

  • #51 Do Not Mess With My Semla

    In our talk today with Roger, from Ohio (where you meet all the Swedes), we discuss if the U.S. actually has real cheese, whether subway tunnels are lighted & losing […]

  • #49 Winter Special – A Completely Different Expat View

    On this short winter special episode of the podcast, we see what life is like as an expat in China. Available anywhere you get your podcasts or at these links: […]

  • Trying once again to explain Halloween to Swedes

    Listen to the latest bonus episode of our expat podcast as we make our yearly attempt to explain Halloween and Day of the Dead to the country of Sweden. Available […]

  • #22 The Stockholm Writers Festival

    Catherine, the organizer of the Stockholm Writers Festival, talks to us about the upcoming festival, Valborg and Eurovision (yes, it’s soon!)

  • Svart fredag?

    For several years now, here in Sweden, I’ve been seeing stores advertise for “Black Friday.” It’s not the chaos of the U.S., but more regular type sales. As far as […]

  • Star Spangled Underwear

    As I was pulling on my American flag underwear this morning, I started to think about how strange it is that people get so upset about “desecrating the flag” while […]

  • Act your age, not your shoe size

    I just realized that the phrase “Act your age, not your shoe size” doesn’t work in Europe. I’m a size 37.

  • A visit to the embassy

    Pictures represent the South Korean, Spanish and U.S. Embassies in Stockholm.  Guess which one is the U.S.? Last week we went to the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm to renew our […]

  • Taxes in Sweden

    Got my tax form from the Swedish government today so that I can file income tax.  The form already says what I made.  If I think it looks good, I […]

  • Differences in dining between Sweden and the U.S.

    Tips for travelers going either way. Sweden: Going to dinner takes 3 hours.  I didn’t believe it either, but it’s true. The dining area of most restaurants is the same […]

  • Movies

    I went to the movies this week which started me thinking of the differences between movie theaters in Stockholm and Houston.  So today I have a list of pros and […]