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  • I’m not on a diet, I’m poor!

    People at work looked at my pumpkin seeds and orange last week and asked, “Is that all you’re eating for lunch?” Yes. Now comes the part where they discuss why […]

  • Collection ATM

    I saw this last month at a church.  It’s a ”Collect-o-mat.”  So if you don’t have any bills or coins for collection, they take cards! Modern church.  

  • Taxes in Sweden

    Got my tax form from the Swedish government today so that I can file income tax.  The form already says what I made.  If I think it looks good, I […]

  • America is losing millions!

    This is what I’ve been hearing from my 6 year old son for the past two mornings.  He gets a very concerned face and then tells us, “America is losing […]

  • Bank

    So I went to the bank last week to deposit some money.  Turns out you can no longer deposit money at the bank.  Here’s how our bank has over the […]