These kids and their fancy bananas.

I had a test today in my Swedish class.  It was a writing test.  Out of the two topics given, I chose, “Write an opinion letter to your local paper to either support or complain about an airport being built close to your house.”

It started out well.  I discussed the stress of noise and recent studies on heart attacks related to traffic sounds.  But I didn’t feel passionate enough to say much more about the matter.  That’s when I started to write in the persona of an angry 90-year old woman.  I complained that people shouldn’t travel and if they can’t get somewhere on a bike, then they should just stay home.  I complained that the airport is full of teenagers and I didn’t want them being loud in my area.  I complained that people waste money flying to far away places bringing back things like exotic bananas.  Back in my day, we didn’t need these fancy bananas and neither do kids today! My friend, Marge, has never been out of Stockholm in her life and she’s quite happy, thank you.  So not in my lawn!  But if you want to build it across town, be my guest.

Now I just sit back and wait for my grade.  I also wait for the verdict from the teachers.  Do they think I’m funny, or will they quietly ask me to leave the classroom and take away all of my sharp items?

(By the way, the banana thing is based on my husband always telling me how Sweden didn’t have bananas when he was young.)


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  1. stillunwinding

    Good for you. I studied German and French in high school, and whenever I was giving a boring essay assignment (such as “Je fais les achats”), I would write something ridiculous in content – but as competently as possible with regard to vocabulary and grammar. It never hurt me – but this was back in England where that kind of humor is tolerated far more:)

    • hjonasson

      I’m glad someone appreciates it! 🙂 They had us write a movie review a few weeks ago and I did “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The teachers made no comments other than to correct my grammar. C’mon! I’ve got to be more interesting than the others right? They should thank me for making their paper grading more exciting.

  2. Belle

    I bet it’s an awesome read and I wonder it would give your teachers more understanding knowing that you were writing with the mind of a 90-year old. Best of luck!

  3. TidiousTed

    I think your husband is pulling your leg. I’m 20 years older than him and live in Norway, and we had bananas when I was a kid and I find it hard to believe Sweden, which was a much richer country than Norway back then were without bananas. We even had a famous importer called Banan-Mathisen who’s around still.

    To prove my point here’s a swedish banana ad from 1957 😉

    • hjonasson

      Hmm… interesting. Maybe his parents lied to him because bananas were expensive. Or maybe they were boycotting those awful banana ads. 🙂 I’ll have to ask.

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