Card packs

I had to explain to my Swedish family this morning how when I was in elementary school, we decorated boxes and everyone in class had to give everyone else a Valentine’s card. We would either make the cards or buy them in packs of 30 at the store. I explained that these cards often had popular characters that kids liked.

They had never heard of this.

So, for everyone who never heard of this or just for some nostalgia, here’s some examples of the packs sold in the 1980s when I was in elementary school, along with my comments:

My husband didn’t believe there were actually Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards
Hamburgers equal love. Very American.
“Hulkamania’s runnin’ wild on Valentine’s Day”? What does that even mean?
Now who wouldn’t feel special to get a card from a raisin?


My personal favorite

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