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  • Card packs

    I had to explain to my Swedish family this morning how when I was in elementary school, we decorated boxes and everyone in class had to give everyone else a […]

  • Children are our future

    My husband gave a presentation to a 4th grade class yesterday and asked the kids how they veiw the future and what new technologies they think we will have 50 […]

  • Old Timey Days

    Our son (11 yrs old): Our class wants to do an “Old Timey Day” at school.   Us (picturing frontier times, bonnets): That sounds great!   Our son: Yeah, like […]

  • Scandinavian Film

    Recently, I’ve been taking an online course on Scandinavian film.  This course has been going on now for 4 weeks, but I can save you the time spent taking the […]

  • Will it never end?

    You think I’m joking when I say everything about in Sweden is about Abba, but here is today’s homework in Swedish class.  It’s all about two men named Björn and […]

  • Movie review

    Our assignment today was to write a movie review in Swedish. Everyone else was picking all these girly “Under the Tuscan Sun” type dramas. I picked The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. […]

  • Genius

    Today in Swedish class, we had a list of vocabulary words.  One girl didn’t recognize the word “genius” in Swedish and asked what it was.  As the teacher was answering […]

  • Another day, another Swedish class

    As I said last week, going to school as an adult is pretty much the same as high school.  The teacher’s heels click down the hall as she walks to […]