Tag: 1980s

  • Card packs

    I had to explain to my Swedish family this morning how when I was in elementary school, we decorated boxes and everyone in class had to give everyone else a […]

  • Life NOT better for Brits in the 80s

    I’m not talking about Margret Thatcher or the Falklands War. I’m talking about THIS horrible show, watched by British children in the 1980s. A moment of silence please, for the […]

  • Everything was better in the …

    … insert decade here. I’m sure you’ve gotten one of these emails before, or seen a post on Facebook about how much better it was in the 1950s. “We didn’t […]

  • Old Timey Days

    Our son (11 yrs old): Our class wants to do an “Old Timey Day” at school.   Us (picturing frontier times, bonnets): That sounds great!   Our son: Yeah, like […]

  • Vintage

    I did some shopping at a “Vintage” store the other day. I found 3 things that I used to own.  That’s just not right. I’m not that old. These were […]