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image shows an airplane in flight

Overheard on the Stockholm subway

“I fly to Toronto next week. It is maybe not best for the climate but I won’t drive while I’m there so maybe that evens out?”

Magic phone bags

No phones are the norm for comedy performances these days. But in Sweden everyone is such a rule follower that it’s enough to simply ask us not to use our phones.

Pro Winter Tip

Great tip for making your apartment more cozy during the winter when you don’t own a fireplace.

The Swedish Halloween report

From having no pumpkins or celebrations for kids when I moved to Sweden over 20 years ago, Halloween has improved.As...

How I try new foods

When you can’t speak the language correctly, you never know what you might get.

This is not a “cake”!

Don’t be fooled, expats in Sweden. If you are offered a smörgåstårta at an event, this is NOT a cake!...

Summer reading

Looking for summer reading by the pool, the beach, the bathtub? Then why not order the book that started the...

Farting neighbors

We receive a magazine each month from the organization we rent our apartment from. People can send in problems they...