Collection ATM

I saw this last month at a church.  It’s a ”Collect-o-mat.”  So if you don’t have any bills or coins for collection, they take cards! Modern church.



3 Replies to “Collection ATM”

  1. The Armchair Commentary

    A lot of people are critical of them or simply don’t like the idea of ATMs in the church. I personally think that it’s a brilliant idea for people who want to give a physical offering (we do Al of our giving digitally) but don’t always carry bills.

    • hjonasson

      I guess I never like seeing the church as a business. It makes sense I suppose, especially around here where most people don’t carry cash, but it’s still strange. I think it would be nice if you could pick a charity or to give to church expenses with the touch of a button so you could choose. That might be a nice addition to the machines.

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