Pet peeve

Much like other people during the holidays, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. One of the shows I’ve been watching is “Bletchley Circle,” about a group of former Bletchley Park code-breakers solving mysteries.

The show is great, but one of the scenes drives me crazy. And this particular scene is not just annoying on this show, but on many shows I’ve seen depicting mysteries or spy thrillers.

The women of The Bletchley Circle sneak into a police station to look up files. They pull out the papers they want, put them on a desk, or even on the floor. They never make a note of which folder contained the papers originally.

What happens after they’re done?  Do they put the files back where they belong?  If so, how do they figure out where they go? If they leave them all out, wouldn’t they be reported to the police once it’s discovered?  How is it for the next set of sleuths who want to sneak into the file room if the last people pulled everything out of folders and didn’t put it back in the right places?

Also, when do they go to the toilet?