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  • Unrealistic language courses

    I do a few lessons each day on the Rosetta Stone program in Italian. Today, my problem is not necessarily with the language, but with this situation: A man comes […]

  • Christmas in Sweden – Advent Calendar

    Every family has at least one Advent Calendar, usually with bits of chocolate on the inside. There is also a tv calendar and a radio calendar. The Christmas Calendar (Julkalendern), […]

  • Laugh tracks

    I read an interesting article today on BBC news about the origin of “laugh tracks” for television shows. It’s an interesting read – http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20160926-where-does-canned-laughter-come-from-and-where-did-it-go All of my current favorite shows […]

  • Life NOT better for Brits in the 80s

    I’m not talking about Margret Thatcher or the Falklands War. I’m talking about THIS horrible show, watched by British children in the 1980s. A moment of silence please, for the […]

  • Monsieur T

    Ever wonder what the A-Team theme sounds like in French? Wonder no more! https://youtu.be/oGO-33Fmhw8

  • Flat screen TVs are ruining childhood!

    Back in my day: My kids in 2015:

  • The importance of parents

    The other day, my husband and I walked down to the post office (a ten minute walk) to pick up some packages. Before we left, we told our television watching […]

  • Pokemon Logic

    Kids don’t like it when you try to add logic to their cartoons. I tried to be a nice parent today and watch a Pokemon episode with my son. These […]

  • image shows a file drawer with files

    Pet peeve

    What happens after people sneak into a room and pull papers from a file folder? Do they put the files back where they belong? 

  • Don’t try this at home

    My kids just discovered “Mythbusters.” Should I worry that they laugh maniacally at the “don’t try this at home” warning?

  • Zombies of WW1

    I currently have two television shows I’m following: The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey.  Yes, I’m a gal of many tastes. I think if you’re going to follow any shows […]

  • Howler monkeys

    I once had a great idea for a talk show hosted by howler monkeys.  Each week, there would be a new celebrity guest escorted into a room with a family […]

  • I have become bitten

    One thing that makes television fun to watch over here is the way they translate the titles.  There is a show on every evening listed as, “I Have Become Bitten.”  […]