Sock trouble

I remember in high school, I had a writing class where we got the lesson – “describe how to make a peanut butter sandwich.”

Most people probably got a form of this lesson in their schools as well.  You write out how to make a sandwich and then the teacher proceeds to make the sandwich according to the instructions.

“Put the peanut butter on the bread.”  The teacher puts the entire jar of peanut butter on the bread without opening it.

“Put 2 slices of bread together.”  The teacher puts the slices of bread sideways and they keep falling down.

You get the idea.

At the time, I assumed this exercise was meant to help us with our writing skills.  In my older age, I see that the real purpose was to prepare us for our parenting skills.

Yesterday, I set out clothes for my son to change into after his bath.  It turns out that I only put out one sock instead of two.  My angry son, then put both feet in the sock and started to hop around the house, falling down after every other hop.  He was getting angry.  I told him to put that sock on one foot instead.  He got even angrier and said, “You only gave me one so I have to do this!  And I’m not walking around with one sock on and one sock off!  That doesn’t make any sense!”

And then he proceeded to hop away.

At least the writing teacher let us off the hook after 5 minutes.  A 6-year old will keep bringing that up all week.


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