Surprise trip

I’m taking my husband and kids on a surprise trip today to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.  He knows he is going on a trip but has no idea where.  He will find out when we get to the airport.  If I had my way, I’d put a blindfold and ear plugs on him and make him guess where he was after the plane arrives at it’s destination, but I have a feeling security might frown on that.

I did blindfold him once on his birthday in the car for almost an hour while I took him somewhere in Texas (Jet-skiing and mini-golf near the beach).  But I admit I was a little concerned about being pulled over and having to explain that.  “It’s for his birthday officers, really!  I promise I didn’t kidnap a Swede to force him to make me meatballs!”

Of course my kids are wrapped up in this too since they are going along.  They are quite mad at me for not telling them where we are going, but I can’t trust them.  They’ve already let out such important secrets as, “Johnny’s mom doesn’t have a butt.” and “Erik went to Mars last week, but don’t tell his parents.”

Poor kids though.  Even when they get to the airport, their geography is so bad that they still won’t know where they’re going.  haha!  Sorry, that was mean.  I’m not an awful parent.  I actually packed a map to show them, but I’m pretty sure all they are concerned with is if the place has a pool.


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