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  • Your guide to Venice (or, yes, I’m still bored)

    I’ve made a family fun guide to Venice in case anyone’s looking to convince their family that this is the place to go!

  • Crumpets and Cockfosters!

    My husband and I just got back from a short weekend trip to London. For anyone who read my book, you will be delighted to know I was able to […]

  • Dolomite!

    My family and I are spending a week in Italy near the Dolomites. Sadly, 2 are under age 12 and the other is Swedish, so they will not understand my […]

  • This is jet lag

    For those who haven’t experienced it, here is what jet-lag feels like, illustrated by our youngest son:

  • Texas in the eyes of my children

    I like to give my kids cameras on all trips to encourage them to take pictures of what is most interesting and important to them.  Today I give you photos […]

  • Boston

    We’re currently in Boston for the first time. As I’m scheduling this before we leave, I have nothing real to write about the place yet other than I’m hoping we […]

  • Gopher Museum

    I keep telling my husband we should stop in Canada one year on our summer trip to Texas. He’s reluctant, but maybe THIS will convince him!  THE GOPHER MUSEUM

  • Paris – hunchbacks, cats and old robots

    We are taking the kids to Paris today! It will be their first time there. I’ve been trying to prepare them for the past few weeks with movies about Paris. […]

  • A good offer?

    I just got an offer in my email for Groupon – “Europe trip with SECRET destination!” Umm… no thanks. Who would take them up on that? I’m adventurous, but not […]

  • Anniversary plus a photo tip!

    Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! Here is a lovely picture of us on vacation a couple of years ago in Berlin. Tip for couples traveling…. if you have trouble […]

  • Surprise trip

    Today is my last day in my 30s. My husband is whisking me off on a surprise trip today for my 40th birthday, which takes place tomorrow.  I’m setting up […]

  • The last hurrah

    In Sweden, we not only get spring break, we also get fall break.  All of the kids are out of school and many families take a week-long trip.  Our family […]

  • Welcome to Louisiana

    Stopping at the Lousiana welcome center, we came across this sign.  It’s the first time our kids didn’t want to go swimming.  

  • Why won’t my kids eat anything?

    These kids are so whiny about their food on vacation.  I don’t see what the problem is.

  • Kids with cameras – Part 2

    Continuing on the theme of my kids’ vacation photos: Here we have “lawn chair.”  Apparently this is fascinating to my children.  Probably because we neither have a lawn or a […]

  • Kids with cameras

    I like to give my kids their own camera to take pictures on vacation.  It’s always interesting to see what impressed them when I get home and load the pictures […]

  • Packing

    We are taking a trip to the U.S. soon which requires many suitcases for a family of four.  Currently, all of these suitcases are packed and crammed into my bedroom.  […]

  • Read this while I’m at the beach

    I’m writing this a week before we go on our vacation, which we will be on by the time you are reading this. No internet and no phones.  Total disconnect. […]

  • Surprise trip

    I’m taking my husband and kids on a surprise trip today to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.  He knows he is going on a trip but has no idea where.  […]

  • Let’s make party

    We are soon staying in an apartment on vacation through AirBnB – a website where people can rent out their apartments.  I was just checking the one we chose to […]