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  • So relaxing

    Today, I noticed my shower gel says, “Like lying down in a meadow of flowers.” Is that supposed to be a good thing? Because a meadow of flowers has bees, […]

  • Reporter doesn’t know, doesn’t care

      I think it’s just the headline that makes me laugh – ‘for some reason’.  It’s just a “who cares” and “why does it matter” sort of thing. The article […]

  • Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains

    I’m spending my morning looking for a list of Coke slogans on Wikipedia. No reason really, other than I got an old ad stuck in my head and started wondering […]

  • Hot Dr. Pepper

    Never really caught on. 

  • Always be prepared

    Sometimes I think I might have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder, but then I remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with me except the fact that I keep certain […]

  • Rules of Swedish advertising 

    Here in Sweden, advertising rules are fairly strict. No advertising to children. No cigarette or alcoholic beverage ads on tv. And no false claims, such as “Dr.Pepper is the best […]

  • Unsuccessful soap ad

    You think maybe they had a falling out with their advertising illustrator?  

  • K.F.C., ads and wallpaper paste

    Yesterday, I got into a heated discussion with my son about how it’s possible for KFC to have so many secret spices. My son insisted the commercial he saw in […]

  • My children are brought to you by …

    One drawback of having children in Sweden who NEVER see t.v. commercials is that they become quite overwhelmed by them when we visit the U.S. After about a week, my […]

  • Massage?

    Saw this advertisement for a massage clinic. Is it just me, or does it look more like he’s on his way to the morgue?

  • Brain Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

    You just don’t get lawyers like this in Sweden. This guy makes me want to commit a crime in Texas just so I can call.

  • Sad choices in marketing

    I got this in my email from Classmates.com today.  I don’t think I’ve been on Classmates.com in almost 10 years. (Has anyone?) Anyway, I love how the subject line has […]

  • Clear and to the point advertising in Sweden.

    Swedes like to get right to the point. The electronic store is called OnOff, grocery store is Konsum (consume) and now this ad for toilet paper is at our subway […]

  • Advertising to children

    Many people in Texas are often surprised when we visit at how seriously our kids take the commercials.  When we’ve been there, they’ve told me things like, “Mamma!  You should […]

  • Let’s go shopping!

    My husband was in a mall near our neighborhood this past weekend.  Here is the picture they have to show what a great experience it is to shop in their […]

  • Dentist

    I saw a dentist office with a video screen facing outside the window showing tools digging through people’s mouths. Why would this encourage me to visit that particular office?  I […]