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  • The little plane that could

    As I mentioned before, my husband and I took a 4-day long anniversary trip to Italy this past weekend. With only 4 days, we wanted every minute to count, which […]

  • Isn’t this how everyone boards RyanAir?

    Apparently a RyanAir passenger was late for his flight and decided to run for his plane on the tarmac. CNN may be shocked, but to me, this is basically how […]

  • Flying solo…

    …or duet, in my kids’ case. Today we are sending our kids on their first flight alone to visit their grandparents.  Luckily, it’s only a 30 minute flight and they […]

  • Switcherland

    Once again, we are on a trip where we switch planes in Switzerland.  This is really not helping with my argument that the country is not called Switcher-land.  The kids […]

  • Volcano!!!!!

    I really never thought I’d be living somewhere where a volcano could disrupt my activities.  A volcano in Iceland has been spreading volcanic ash in a cloud over part of […]