Tag: art

  • Why is there a fish in the water?

    Find out why there is a giant fish in the middle of Stockholm in 2021.

  • Illustrations

    This is why I want a job as an illustrator. How many hours do you think it took for the artist to get those images just right?

  • Cause it just feels wrong to throw them out?

    I saw this article, at first thinking it was about my husband, but then realizing they said ‘phones’ and not ‘cords’. However, we actually do have about 11 old mobile […]

  • #6 Lucia Day has Major Health and Safety Issues

    Rachel, from the UK, discusses her hatred of saffron buns and Lucia, why you can’t name your kid Lucifer here, and lots of talk about stabbing!

  • Last-minute gift ideas?

    For the person who has everything… Well, I bet they don’t have THIS!      

  • Album art

    My husband made a special frame where we can display images from our computer that looks like a framed photo on the wall. We’ve been doing a lot of 60s […]

  • Swedish problems

    I like that I live in a country where this story has dominated the headlines the entire week. Someone drew a penis on a frozen stream in the snow in […]

  • Let’s go shopping!

    My husband was in a mall near our neighborhood this past weekend.  Here is the picture they have to show what a great experience it is to shop in their […]

  • 3-D printer madness

    Hello, my name is Heather and I’m addicted to the 3D printer.  The hand I’m currently typing with has a burn on one finger and a mysterious rip in the […]

  • But can I clone a sheep with it?

    The family got a new toy this week.  A 3-D printer.  So far we’ve made a weird circle thing and a tiny robot.  The kids (and the adults) are quite […]