Tag: Bacon

  • Bacon shortage! Worst in decades!

    With all the terrible news around the world, and now this.

  • Menu with pictures not a hit

    I thought I’d start a new thing at home where I make a menu of what we will have for breakfast during the week. Normally the kids love sausage & […]

  • Back from Bacon-Land

    We’ve returned to Sweden this week after a 3 week trip to the U.S. – or as it really should be called – “Bacon-Land.” They might as well change the […]

  • Snack time in Texas

    Bacon-wrapped jalapenos stuffed with cheese. Just one of the many reasons I gained 5 pounds on our trip.

  • United States of Bacon

    While flipping around the channels the other night, we came upon a program called “The United States of Bacon.” Our first reaction was disgust… Then – “well that seems about […]