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  • ONLY cats IN bananas

    You know, Amazon…. I look for shirts with this cat in a banana because I like the cat IN the banana.  I do NOT want suggestions on cat shirts or […]

  • Bananya

    I just found my new favorite show. And also why my kids don’t eat bananas. https://www.crunchyroll.com/bananya/episode-1-the-kitty-who-lives-in-a-banana-715861  

  • Banana Graffiti

    The neighborhood across from us has been seiged by banana graffiti.  The bananas are watching you. “EAT A BANANA AND APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE.” “BANANAS!!!” “THEY’RE WATCHING”

  • This banana is MINE!

    I was in the grocery store the other day when a man walked from the outside up to the cash register to show a banana to the cashier.  He then […]